Are you tired of trying to get good results with your current database program? Need a database that you can access and manage from anywhere? Need greater security with your databases?

Look no further because the easiest and most secure web-based database solution has just arrived.

Business Database & Survey Creator enables you to quickly and securely establish an online database that can be managed by a number of different users simultaneously from any location via a web-based interface.

Gone are the days of needing a database specialist. With Business Database & Survey Creator you can establish and maintain a database yourself, with guaranteed results. BeeCOS Business Database & Survey Creator brings all the power of databases to your fingertips without the need for training and without the need for Access, FileMaker Pro, or a Database Nerd!

Business Database & Survey Creator seamlessly integrates into your BeeCOS Business Website Creator (cms & crms) framework. Accessible anytime, anywhere, you can now securely build and manage any number of databases via the web.

 Surveys Are A Breeze  

One of the most useful applications of Business Database & Survey Creator is the ability to easily create and deliver surveys to your customers and clients, via the web.

 Features Include:  

  • Single Click Database Creation
  • Easy to Use Step by Step Visual Interfaces
  • Supports Unlimited Number of Databases
  • Fully Integrates with BeeCOS "Business Groups Relationship Manager"
  • Real Time Editing / Adding / Removing / Hiding / Data Input Fields
  • Data Import Manager
  • Data Export Manager
  • Integrate Field Values Into User Administration / User Account
  • Supports Primary Key
  • Easy forms creation and management

     Example Uses are:  

  • Conduct Customer Surveys (via web / intranet / extranet)
  • Secure Surveys for trusted groups
  • Occupational Health and Safety auditing
  • Events & Bookings Management
  • Conference Bookings and Coordination
  • Membership Databases (great for associations, institutions, groups, and societies)
  • Master Email and Subscriber Databases
  • Customer / Staff Records Management
  • Manage Projects and Project Requirements
  • Manage any kind of results information
  • Community Information Databases
  • Community Membership Databases
  • Auditing and Audit data collation & reporting
  • Re-purpose old legacy databases for new and revised purposes
  • Search and query legacy data sources for greater insight into data
  • Stock and Inventory Management
  • Manage and Track Assets
  • Contacts Databases (export your Outlook or Lotus Contacts into a web based shared contacts database)
  • Customer Record Management (build better knowledge of your customers)
  • Distributed Sales Team Management
  • Distributed Customer and Service Delivery record
  • Service Delivery Record Management

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