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Page Template Creator enables you to create and manage publishing templates for your website, intranet or extranet. Once created, templates can be re-used at any time to wrap the contents of any given page.

Templates allow you to set publishing standards and apply them consistently across your company's website in a time and cost efficient manner.

Page Template Creator is a very powerful add-on module to the Business Website Creator platform. Any templates you create become available in a selection list within the Business Website Creator (cms & crms) Page Editing environment. It is then a simple case of selecting your template from a list and saving your page.

Additionally, with Page Template Creator your website, intranet or extranet can house and support an unlimited number of independent projects, departments and initiatives which each have their own unique look and feel.

 Benefits Include:  

  • Managing your publication standards with ease

  • Enabling authors of content to achieve consistent professional results with ease

  • Supporting multiple layout styles and website sections

  • Conform to organisational and departmental publishing standards

  • Allows your website to house and support unlimited independent projects, divisions and initiatives which each have their own unique look and feel

  • Re-purpose existing contents with new look and feel in seconds

  • Re-Launch your website with a completely new look and feel in a hundredth the normal time and cost

  • Keep your website branding, content and layout fresh and appealing

     Potential Uses:  

  • Organisations with a need to manage their brand experience - Exacting Control of Publishing Standards

  • Organisations with specific interest areas which require their own 'sub-presence' look and feels


     BeeCOS Quote  

    "In a single step you can make any page into a page template and make it available across your website or intranet.

    We use Page Template Creator to reduce our web publishing times by up to 50 fold. It's simply the best way to do more in less time. "

    - Francis Shephard BeeCOS CEO





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