BeeCOS Business Email Marketing Manager allows you to send visual (html) or plain text e-newsletters to any number of email lists with just a few clicks.

This module provides industry leading email communications & list management to your business or organisation. You can establish any number of email lists and send different content to each of these lists in a single click.

Differentiation of email content greatly improves the relevance of your email marketing. Imagine the improved relevance of a customer targeted e-newsletter, a staff targeted e-newsletter, or a business partner targeted e-newsletter.

Image and visual communication is very important in today's world. If you're email strategies are a little lack luster then this is a module you must look at.
If you improve the professionalism of your communications you will improve the effectiveness of the message and the outcomes it will create.

 Avoiding The Normal Pitfalls  

BeeCOS Business Email Marketing Manager has a number of specific solutions to ensure you avoid the normal pitfalls in email communications. These include the ability to:

  • Quickly establish multiple specific email lists

  • Automatically send the correct format of email (html or text) to each person on a given email list

  • Easily import and manage new email lists specific to your communications strategy

  • Easily edit / add / or delete entire lists with a few clicks

  • Send any completed page of contents to a list in seconds


    The opportunity to lead the way through targeted communications is now at your fingertips with Business Email Marketing Manager.

    You can easily send your e-newsletter to lists, which contain thousands of readers in a single click.

    Simplicity and efficiency gives you more time to focus on your marketing strategies.

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