Commercial E-Learning Manager is an e-learning, exam and assessment delivery module, which plugs straight into the BeeCOS technology framework (BeeCOS Business Website Creator (cms & crms)). Commercial E-Learning Manager has been designed to meet the needs of the Education, Government, Corporate and Community sectors.

The easy to use Commercial E-Learning Manager comes with an array of management, development and deployment tools, which ensure your e-learning, examination and assessment delivery requirements, are met without compromise.

Commercial E-Learning Manager enables you to delegate examination production and delivery tasks to content specialists, as opposed to IT specialists.

This is simply the most effective way to deliver managed commercial and compliance E-Learning solutions to your staff, customers and clients.

 Features Include:  

  • Supports Virtually Unlimited Numbers of Exams and E-Learning Assessments
  • Visually Rich Interfaces - "enhancing the user experience"
  • Step-by-Step Intuitive Tools and Management Consoles
  • Create / Edit / Archive Exams Manager
  • Global Properties Manager
  • Question Creation / Properties Manager
  • Take Exam Manager
  • View Exam Manager
  • Results Manager
  • Class Summary Manager

     Establish Your E-Learning Business  

    This technology creates a new opportunity for people looking towards establishing a commercial e-learning business model.

    The reduced management complexity, increased delivery potential and dramatically reduced start up costs make e-learning an accessible business model for even the smallest training providers or content owners.

    If you have authored or own training or learning materials and would like to re-deliver them online then this is a new opportunity which, should not be missed.

    If you are interested in looking at how to start up your own e-learning and training delivery business please contact Francis Shephard, our resident E-Learning specialist. Francis has been developing network centered learning systems and tools since 1994 and his skills been utilised by Governments and Education Systems across Asia, Europe & Australia. He is willing to provide energy and experience to help you kick start your e-learning plans.

    Contact Francis at e-learning@beecos.com.

     Benefits & Example Uses:  

  • Ideal for the delivery of required compliance e-learning training and assessment materials
  • Excellent for delivering Occupational Health and Safety training - in house
  • Ideal for delivering induction training for new staff
  • Great for delivering training on customer service
  • Maintain new levels of organisation wide knowledge compliance, in house & reduce costs significantly
  • Time saving automated notification and delivery of exams to participants
  • Enables multiple exam collaborators and markers, per exam
  • Exclusive / Inclusive access for exam collaborators and markers, per exam
  • Allows the embedment of questions into existing page level content
  • Enables delivery of exam content through an examination only interface
  • Flexibility to deliver multiple types of exams
  • Supports multiple question types and question pools simultaneously
  • Exam Manager supports unlimited combinations of users, subscribers and participants. This module works seamlessly within your BeeCOS Business WebSite Creator (cms & crms) environment

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