Features of Business Email Marketing Manager Include:  

  • Easy to Use Step by Step Visual Interfaces
  • Supports Unlimited Unique Email Lists
  • Supports Multi-Format Emails
  • Send any page to any list in just a few clicks (It's that easy)

     Create New Email List Manager:  

  • Email List Name
  • Set Subject Line of Email - per list
  • Set Reply Address of Email - per list

     Edit / Delete Email List Manager:  

  • Edit Email List Name
  • Edit Subject Line of Email - per list
  • Edit Reply Address of Email - per list
  • Delete Any Email List

     Add / Edit / Delete Individual Email Members:  

  • Add New Members to an Existing List
  • Edit Existing Member Details
  • Edit Name and Email details
  • Edit Email Format Details (html or text)

     Email List Import Manager:  

  • Step by Step List Importing
  • Browse and Click Import Engine
  • Import List Integrity Verification
  • File Format Integrity

     Page Sender Manager:  

  • Step by Step Page Send to Email List
  • Two Click Process and You're Done
  • Pages Dynamically Converted to HTML or TEXT (per email recipient)

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